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Our Horses & Ponies

                                          Our Horses and Ponies



 ....Some of our horses and ponies.............



Our horses and ponies are suited to any type of rider from the age of 4 years upwards and to suit any ability, from the beginner to the more advanced rider

L to R:

Barnaby 15hh cob gelding, Legs 16hh Irish gelding , Rocky 16hh Cleveland Bay gelding , Kodie 17hh German gelding








Kodie 17hh German Warmblood gelding



Greggy 14,2hh cob gelding







Spice 14.2hh cob mare











Heather 15.2hh Welsh D x TB mare 






Denver 16.2hh Hanoverian mare

Rocky 16hh Cleveland Bay part bred gelding

Buttons 32 inch high Mini Shetland gelding













Purdy 12.2hh mare









Holly 11.2hh mare














Timmy 13.2hh cob gelding









Roly 14hh Welsh Sect D gelding



 Henry 13.2hh cob gelding